ICH vs Franch

in march of last year (2010) i accompanied some friends ICH, a british punk band, to France on their mini tour with RedFlag77.. this was the resulting footage.
it was all shot on a shitty handy-cam as is probably obvious from the quality. there was quite a lot of it that was completely unusable. So yeah the quality is awful but u can get an idea of what it was like.

have to say this wasn’t an environment i was at all used to and there were definitely moments that i stood out as a punk rock tourist, but i had a lot of fun.

Projection Sculpture

ive been learning a bit of projection mapping recently so i decide to make a small sculpture thing to try out some stuff, this is the initial mapping before i start to animate things.. bit of a sketchy clip filmed on my mobile but it gets the idea across, ill upload a better clip once ive done more..

Triune Gods - Seven Days Six Nights - Preview #3

The latest promo ive made for Triune Gods release ‘Seven Days Six nights’..

this was my first real attempt at motion tracking and apart from a few glitches in one of the shots im pretty pleased with how it turned out.. all the original footage was shot by Scott Da Ros in Montreal with the editing and compositing by myself..

the album is available digitally world wide on amazon and itunes or u can order a copy here or here.. and if your lucky you might be able to get your hands on the limited edition 7” single of “Same Train”, a track i cowrote with Scott..

james p honey (murmur breeze/a band of buriers)

So about a week ago now i spent a few days in the company of Mr Honey shooting footage for a couple of music videos we’d been planning to make since about july.. After 2 and 1/2 long productive days we had shot two music videos for one of his projects Murmur Breeze and a few live clips for A Band of Buriers..    not bad..  I’m pretty excited about these two videos, they’re looking great so far..

I still have alot of editing/compositing to get through before any of it will be viewable but for now heres a few photos..

Colchester 360’s

We had a bunch of snow here in Colchester last saturday night, so i went out first light on sunday morning with my new toy and dirtythree on my headphones and shot me some 360’s… 

Triune Gods - Seven Days Six Nights - Preview #1

This is a promo i made recently for Triune Gods’ forthcoming album.. they are Sibitt and Bleubird on vocals “who express many feelings and topics in their native tongues” and Scott Da Ros on production (with, in my opinion, some of his best work).. this record sounds amazing!

You can pre-order a copy here, and the first 300 will come with a limited edition 7” of the track “Same Train”, a track i cowrote with Scott (with an instrumental b side)…. Go get it!!

More previews coming soon….