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Dome projection..

I’ve been playing around with ways to make 360 video without the use of an expensive oneshot lens for a while now with mixed results (u can see a few examples here). More recently, because of space and the help of Jonny Buffalo, I’ve been working on ways to project them in an immersive environment (on a £0 budget!) and thanks to the amazing work of Paul Bourke i finally got it working..  so after a disastrous day of trying to show off our work in a 30ft dome at Colchester free festival failed, Jonny and myself went about making our own little dome to play around with….

as the dome’s obviously too small to fit anybody inside (comfortably anyway) we made it out of translucent material so it could be viewed from the outside. its only really a way to test the projections for a larger environment, but i quite like the result anyway and its led to new ideas for uses of the technique.

I’ll upload some clips of it in action soon but for now heres a few tests we did with some of Jonny Buffalo’s 360 photographs:

Projection Sculpture

ive been learning a bit of projection mapping recently so i decide to make a small sculpture thing to try out some stuff, this is the initial mapping before i start to animate things.. bit of a sketchy clip filmed on my mobile but it gets the idea across, ill upload a better clip once ive done more..